What is...

Gestalt Therapy is a client-centered approach to psychotherapy that helps you focus on the present moment and really understand what is really happening in your life right here and now, rather than what you may perceive to be happening based on past experiences. Instead of simply talking about your past situations, you will be encouraged by me to experience your situation, maybe through re-enactments or rituals. Through the gestalt process, you wills learn to be and become more aware of how your own unwanted thought patterns and behaviors are blocking true self-awareness and making you anxious, depressed and unhappy.  Gestalt therapy can help you with your anxiety, depression, self-awareness, relationship difficulties.  People that are interested in developing their self-awareness but may or may not understand the role they play in their own unhappiness and discomfort are the ideal clients for Gestalt. A combination of Gestalt techniques and body-work, like yoga are amazing to get your mind, body and soul connection working in unison.

Yoga means Union.  To try to even attempt to define yoga would be a disservice to the practice.  The practice is not a belief or a religious.  I incorporate yoga because I've healed myself with the practice and I know it will help you heal too.  Psychotherapy + Yoga = Awesomesauce!  The best way I can come to the edge of its definition is... taking a journey inside yourself and communing with your soul.  That's why I have the hashtag #wheretheselfmeetsthesoul on Instagram.


Existential Therapy is centered on your free-will, self-determination and taking responsibility for your part in your situation.  It also focuses on the search for meaning—often centering on you and your potential rather than on the symptom. 


Interpersonal Therapy focuses on your communication patterns and how you relate to yourself and others.  It's an attachment based therapy.


Psychodynamic Therapy emphasizes your relationship with the outside world.  You'll focus on recognizing, acknowledging, expressing, and overcoming unwanted feelings that contradict each other, allowing your repressed emotions to step forth in order to improve your overall experiences and relationships. 


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition connecting you to nature, the creator of all things through the use of crystals, incenses, water and guided meditations.  Again, a very super simple definition for such a complex topic.


Breathwork is a very powerful 3 part breath healing meditation connecting you to your body, moving and freeing old stuck energy opening your heart and body to allow healing to occur.  Breathwork is incorporated with all yoga classes to help you tap into your intuition and creativity.