Are you playing the same tape in your head?

You know that tape that won’t stop!

  • Am I going to be stuck, depressed and alone forever?

  • Ugh, I’m so not motivated to do anything.

  • There’s gotta be a better way.

  • Why am I so needy and fear rejection so much?

  • I really should talk to someone about what happened.

  • My childhood is over, it’s done, why am I still living there?

  • I’ve lost it! I’m truly crazy and should be ashamed of myself.

  • Why am I angry all the time?

  • My kids! They deserve a healthy and stable mom.

  • I’m divorced, have no friends and no one I can trust.

  • My anxiety is hindering me so much, I’m afraid to move forward in life.

  • How long am I going to berate myself for my inability to ‘forgive and forget,’ live in the present and just ‘get over’ the traumas that occurred so long ago?

The practices that Maria offers are truly a space where I’m held, which is so rare in my profession and difficult in my personal relationships.

I know. I’ve been there…

  • Know that even the most severely shattered psyche can heal.

  • You aren’t crazy, bad, weak, lazy or inherently defective, nor are you a whiner who doesn’t want to let go of the past.  You’re simply a woman who have been grievously psychologically injured and it’s not your fault.

  • Having a reaction to trauma in NORMAL.  Just like it’s normal to bleed after being cut, swell after a mosquito bite and cry after losing someone you love.  It’s also NORMAL to get psychological help when you need it.  Just like you would if you got into a car accident.  A trauma is a trauma no matter what part of you it happened to.

  • The traumatic event may have happened in the distant past, but the injury it caused you is still PRESENT.  And yet, you can still heal from it.

  • Having post-traumatic stress is painful and debilitation enough, without being SHAMED for being the way you are let alone SHAMING yourself for it.

  • You’re NOT alone.

  • Remember that being neglected/abandoned as a child can be as damaging or more than physical abuse.

  • Any kind of trauma gets in the way of you having the best relationship you can have and being the best mother you can be.

My experience working with Maria has been an amazing experience! Starting therapy is a scary and vulnerable process, Maria made it comfortable for me to lean into discomfort, something new for me.

I can help you.

Therapy will help you realize how bad it really was which is sad, and it’ll suck for a bit, but also extremely freeing because you’ll start to see a way out of the behaviors and patterns that cause you pain.

You’ll learn that it’s not you.  It was the emotional abuse you suffered in childhood that caused changes in your brain and as a result your central nervous system was hijacked.  That’s why you’re anxious all the time. That abuse affects how you feel and how you relate to yourself and others.

You will:

             understand why you behave the way you do in relationships.

             be more stable/self loving toward yourself, your partner and kids.

             be happy to end this vicious cycle of abuse and not pass it down

learn how to love yourself. It’s time.

I no longer believe that I’m broken, not fixable and hopeless. And now I believe I’m a work in progress and have the ability/tools within myself to improve myself.