These testimonials have been provided by my previous clients. 

The practices that Maria offers are truly a space where I’m held, which is so rare in my profession and difficult in my personal relationships. I feel validated, which allows me to get out of my head and stop questioning myself. Therefore, I feel a better sense of confidence and general peace, which makes my interactions with others better (and sleep better at night knowing I’ve done my best). I also feel a stronger connection to the universe, giving me a bigger sense of purpose and not sweating the small things so much

My experience working with Maria has been an amazing experience! Starting therapy is a scary and vulnerable process, Maria made it comfortable for me to lean into discomfort, something new for me. Maria balances validation and challenge with healthy doses of humor, creating a comforting environment to try new things. 

I highly recommend working with Maria because she holds space for individuals that isn’t stagnant and prioritizes growth. Although I know this is a professional relationship, it does feel like a personal connection as well. 



I scheduled an appointment with Maria because I was looking for more holistic ways to deal with anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship (familial and romantic) dynamics, and work-life balance.  Essentially, all boiling down to my relationship with myself. 

When I approached Maria for therapy I was looking to control my anxiety before it got out of hand and looking to unpack “stuff” that I know I never truly dealt with, but just shoved under a rug (e.g. the passing of my mother, relationship with my dad, self-esteem issues, and whatever else I wasn’t even aware of). 

What I like best working with Maria is her ability to not make me feel like another work task, prioritizing authenticity and a genuine connection, tough love – she knew I was sensitive, so she didn’t approach me in an aggressive manner, but still told me what I needed to hear and challenged certain thoughts and practices. 

As a result of therapy I now have better tools to prioritize my well-being and reduce feelings of anxiety (e.g. morning pages, crystals and stones).  Also, I now have confidence and comfort exploring spiritual practices and knowing I can design it for me (there’s no necessary rule book to “do it right”, I just need to “do what feels right”). 

I also no longer believe that I’m broken, not fixable and hopeless.  And now I believe I’m a work in progress and have the ability/tools within myself to improve myself.

I just needed a light push to get over my own fear/discomfort, a comforting introduction to new practices.  And I didn’t expect to feel beneficial changes so quickly and so tied to spirituality (e.g. processing the passing of my mother and releasing a lot of anger, influential dreams, immediate better sleep, comfort and enjoyment in non-guided meditation).                 


Gracias por todos estos años de ponerme en mi lugar, de ensenarme a ver la vida desde otro punto de vista, de llorar, reír, aconsejarme.  Gracias por ser como una madre para mi. Hoy muchos de mis éxitos te los debo a ti.

Maria has an amazing way of talking that made me feel so comfortable that I felt as if I were talking with a friend over coffee.  The Past Life Regression we did has helped me heal in ways that it's hard to put into words.  Her gentle guidance melted my fears away, her style is unconventional and yet it works!  We didn't work together for long, but we didn't need to. 


My daughter and I had a wonderful yoga class with Maria. Maria has such a beautiful spirit and is so positive while leading our yoga classes.   



Maria has an amazing intuitive talent that helped bring out exactly just what I need to work on and focus on. Very few therapists that I have met have this natural intuition. This coupled with her experiences make her a fabulous guide for healing and growth. Thanks Maria for being there and for helping me blossom!  

Some therapists have a way of making you talk yourself in circles without ever feeling like you've been heard.

Maria truly empathizes with you, and it is important to have someone like that that you can confide in. I've been a client of Maria's for a year and a half now.

In the beginning of our sessions, I was truly impressed by how many details Maria was able to remember about things we've touched briefly on.

This just proved to me how much she actually listened to me. Maria has helped me on so many areas of my life, and considers my perspective and my unique situations in her advice. Maria has a way of tailoring her therapy in such personal ways, which is what everyone needs.

She truly cares for her clients and I feel lucky to have found her.  



I met Maria at a very difficult time in my life. My whole being was almost non-existent. Maria talked and worked with me;   helping me to come back to my sense of self. A big part of the road to my continued healing was doing a Past Life Regression. Maria guided me with patience, balance, truth and sensitivity.  She took her time and gave me the time to focus and revisit what I needed to revisit.

Seeing myself in previous lives has helped me to find a strong foothold for my present and future. Maria is very trustworthy and empathetic.

She and I continue to work together on my journey and I look forward to where it is going to take me.

I know there will be another Past Life Regression for me and I embrace it.
Thank You, Maria.   

María ha sido, es y estoy segura que seguirá siendo mi gran confidente.  Es un alma llena de amor y mucha paz con el sentimiento de ayudar siempre por lo mejor para el crecimiento personal de cada persona.

He pasado por momentos muy difíciles en mi vida, así como cualquiera, pero ella llego a mi vida justo en el momento que más la necesitaba. 

Ella y se ha convertido en mi guía para la superación de mi proceso y crecimiento personal.  Ya tengo aproximadamente un ano tratándome con ella y la puedo considerar una gran amiga, una madre, una hermana, se siente una bonita conexión familiar desde que la conoces inspirándote confianza y mucho cariño.  

Todos los meses  tenemos de hábito practicar meditación y una que otra vez yoga con piedras y tratamiento para las chakras.  

No pararía de escribir y agradecerle por todo.