What about that pain that keeps nudging at you?  Have you ever wondered if you're an old soul or a new soul?

That's what one client found out during her session.  She found out this lifetime that you and I are living right now was her very first time here on this planet.  She received the confirmation she was searching for!


What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is another form of hypnosis where you are taken back (or forward, which is called Progression Therapy, another topic for another time) to your previous life or lives to uncover information that may heal and transform you in this life time.  With the new uncovered information, you will gain a new understanding of your ailment and be able to forgive and let go whatever is necessary to the universe.  Spirit will be present.


Past Life Regression Therapy is for you...


  • Believe or are curious of reincarnations

  • If you feel the call to regress to a time where your current ailment began

  • Are just a curious soul :)

Past Life Regression is NOT for individuals that experience disassociation.


What happens during a regression?

  • I will take an extensive history of the current situation. The more information you bring forward, the better the outcome you will have. This step is crucial in that it gives me the information needed to ask the right questions to your Higher Self, your guides and Spirit's guidance.

  • After the information is obtained, I will begin the actual regression guiding you in a meditation.

  • You will be aware of all your senses and will be able to wake up completely and fully whenever you need to, if you need to.

  • During the entire process, from the moment you walk into the office until you are done, it is important to share your thoughts, images and feelings as insignificant as they may seem. Everything counts!

Can regressions be recorded?

Yes.  You can use your smartphone to record your session.  I'll be taking notes for you too! 

How can I prepare for the regression?

  • Have questions written on paper

  • Come with curiosity and with an intent to heal and let go of whatever may be holding you back from living the life you came here to live!