Meditation is a practice that is used by many to train the mind and induce a sense of peace and trance. In the meditations below I have chosen to use a variety of techniques, including visualization, breath work and hypnosis.  Meditation helps you live with ease, appreciate yourself more, sleep more.  Be consistent.  Be consistent with your meditation practice and you will feel your mind, body and soul shift into place.  Balance.  Every time you choose to stop and meditate, even if it's for three minutes you are choosing to be consiously resting.  You can rest anywhere at any time.  You are consiously choosing to melt away unwanted stress, tension and dis-ease.  The more you meditate, the more you will learn to come back to your heart center and truly connect with your highest vision of your Self. 


Below is a meditation for your personal development and relaxation, filled with positive affirmations!  

             The meditation below was created to help you sleep.             Enjoy your zzzzzzzz's!

The meditation below was created you years ago for                  your personal healing.  <3

The meditation below is an introduction to Past Life Regressions. Click here to access this one!