It is always an honor to practice and study the Self with people who are curious about experiencing their Soul.  

Sessions are centered around Mind Body & Soul connection.

Together, you and I will design and sketch a home yoga and or meditation practice that will compliment your therapeutic journey.   

Know that I am a yoga practitioner and teacher.  I know first hand how powerful having a daily yoga practice really is. 

Everyone's practice looks and feels unique. 

And no, you don't have to turn yourself into a pretzel to experience the benefits of yoga!  :)   Actually, my classes are super slow, focusing on the breath and noticing all that comes to light.  

You can't heal your trauma with thinking and talking, you must do. 

You see, we humans store any kind of trauma in our bodies. 

We must 'FEEL to HEAL'.  

As scary as all of this sounds, I know because I was afraid too.  I felt all the ugly emotions that came up... and guess what?  I'm still here! I didn't die. 

Fear didn't kill me!  It never does.

But what I gained walking through the fire of pain has been a life full of love and clarity.  And you know what?  Fear is a great indicator of resistance.  You need to feel your ugly to get to where you want to go.


Big Fear ==> BIG PURPOSE  


The bigger the fear, the bigger the purpose.  I'm sure you've heard that one before. 

Yes, you have to incorporate the body, there's no other way around it. 

You can't keep ignoring that part of you that needs healing... your body. 

It's time for you to unleash the power inside you and give your body permission to speak it's truth.  There're lessons to be learned. 


                   It All Leads To LOVE.