What's Your Purpose Here?

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

You have no idea how many times a client has asked me to help them figure out their life’s purpose. 

The thing is, I ask myself the same question all the time.  Even though I’ve helped thousands of people in my life as a respiratory therapist and psychotherapist, I still ask myself, how can I be of service? What else can I be doing for the greater good?   


That’s this week’s and final topic from The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  Trust that what you’re doing is helping you take one step closer into fulfilling and living your purpose. 

Not everybody has a huge purpose in life.  Not everybody is Oprah Winfrey or Lady Gaga but everyone does have a purpose to fill and execute while here on planet Earth.  It just looks different for every person.

Some people help others in a large scale, some not so much.  Some don’t help others at all.

Trust that you’re not alone. 

Trust that you have...

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Use Your Imagination to Expand Your Inner World

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

When I hold meditation groups or when I teach someone how to meditate, one question I get asked the most is, am I making this up?

Quick answer, yes and no!

You see, you’re making it up, you’re imagining it and you’re creating it.  All at the same time!  Yes, you’re making it up but not really.  When you’re being guided during a meditation, the leader usually leads you to a place of relaxation, there you get to imagine, create all in your head and feel that creation in your body as well.  The amazing thing is that sometimes, you can imagine a place that you’ve never seen in your mind’s eye before and leave you in a state of bliss.  Your whole body is sensing the new experience.

With Shamanic Journeying, the meditation process is different (with me).  When I guide you to a place inside of you for you to explore, once I get you there, I continue to expand on it so that you can see more, feel more and...

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Your Soul's Psychology, You And Trauma

Have you thought of your soul’s psychology before? 

Me neither!  This chapter of The Seat of the Soul has got me thinking, like all other chapters. 

This is what google says about the word psychology…

·       the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context

·       the mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group

·       the mental and emotional factors governing a situation or activity

All definitions are regarding the mind and body (behavior), none are regarding the soul.  Psychology is based on the perception of your personality not the soul. 

How can you heal yourself without regarding your soul?

You can’t.

Let’s go back to Carl Jung.  He talked about symbolism and the shadows.  When he talked about the shadows, he was talking about the...

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Why We Need to Find Our Power Within Our 'Parts Unknown'

Anthony Bourdain, wow! 

His suicide hit me hard.  I knew he battled with depression, drugs you know, dark shadowy parts of the self.  You have them, I have them.  Am I surprised that he completed his suicide, no.  Do I wish his most powerful self-had won the internal battle? Yes! 

It’s hard at times when you have those negative thoughts, I get it.

One negative thought follows another and another, meanwhile you’re losing your power to a much lesser energy.

There are times when clients come to me torn between making two decisions.  They then realize that there’s always more to choose from.  Let me explain.

Teresa (not real name) came to me recently torn between choosing her future self and the self that she’s currently living.  Teresa saw her future self as a confident, secure, married to an honorable husband, children, connected to herself spiritually and in life.  She sees her current self as shameful for...

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Come on! Take A Walk Inside Your Soul

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

Does my dog have a soul? 

This is a question that I’ve been asked by many people during some of the spiritual workshops I’ve held in the past. 

I’ve always answered yes. 

Yes, because during some spiritual circles I’ve been to, the leader has channeled the spirit of some dogs.  And so, has Teresa Caputo, Lisa Williams and Tyler Henry.  Tyler Henry!  Isn’t he just an angel walking the earth?!  Such sweetness that kid.

Gary Zukav starts this chapter, Soul by talking about the animal kingdom and how the animal soul evolves.  They all evolve differently but the dolphin soul in particular caught my attention.

Something I’ve not thought about is the purpose of the dolphins.  Have you ever seen a dolphin you have not been super happy to see?  Have you seen a dolphin and said to it, I hate you?  No! Me neither! 

Every time I see them, they bring me so much joy and yet they suffer so much. ...

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Positive vs Negative Energy - Which One Is Easier to Manifest?

It’s true.  Haven’t you heard people say things like…

Well, that would happen to me! Referring to something horrible or ‘With my luck, I’ll get hit by a train’ or ‘Knowing me, of course I’ll lose all my money’.  All these examples are all in these people’s future. 

All of these thoughts haven’t happened. 

They may not even have had these negative experiences, but they will because they said it will and the universal law, the law attraction is always at play.  They don’t need to take any action at all. 

Negative energy is swimming freely, effortlessly to them.  They don’t even know the power they have to shift their world around!

It’s safe to say that manifesting negative energy into your life is easier.  It’s easier because it only requires you to say or even think of negativity and it comes to you. 

Positive energy on the other hand at the least...

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Want Knowledge and Power? Here's How

spirituality Feb 10, 2020

What’s intuition?  My definition of intuition is a feeling that I get instinctively when something feels good or bad, right or wrong, a hell yeah or a hell nooo!  For real!  If something just doesn’t seem right, it’s not!  Stop trying to make a hell no into a hell yeah! 

Trust me, it will come back to bite you up you know where... real good!

Intuition, is available to you and me and everyone who taps into it.  And we all do, we all tap into our intuition.  I don’t believe that no one doesn’t tap into their intuition.  I believe that some of us allow our intuitive guidance to help us lead our way through this lifetime.  I also believe that some of us just ignore our intuitive nature because doing what out intuitive nature calls them to do will...

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Another of Our Soul's Characteristics

spirituality Feb 10, 2020

Week 3 


Here we are again!  Let’s talk Reverance… to have deep respect for something or someone.  No, It’s more than that!  Zukav says that respect is a judgement from the personality.  Look at how Zukav defines reverence…

‘Reverence is a level of protection and honor about the process of life so that while a person is maturing toward the journey of authentic empowerment (remember? Authentic empowerment is living from our soul), he or she harms nothing. …holiness of all Life, that Life is destroyed and tortured, brutalized, starved, and maimed while we journey from unempowerment to empowerment.’  These sentences are making me wanna go vegan! 

Living from soul, consciousness, wanting to harm nothing or no one is living in reverence.  I can’t help but think about our TV system here in the states.  For years I’ve only watched mediums on TV like Lisa Williams, Teresa Caputo...

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The Heart Is the Reflection of the Soul

spirituality Feb 10, 2020
Hello again!

This week I dove into week 4  Heart

Before I begin to give you my thoughts, take one hand and put it over your heart and the other over your abdomen.  Let’s take three deep breaths together. 

Inhale Deeply… Exhale Softly

Inhale Love… Exhale Peace

Inhale Peace… Exhale Love

Beautiful, now as you continue to breath softly say to yourself…

I am pure love.

I love myself fully.

I forgive myself.

Beautiful, now relax and be at ease…

Zukav reminded me of the importance of living from the heart.  He says that the heart is the reflection of the soul.  Unfortunately, there are many people seeking external power and when that happens, being human and multisensory… when one moves away from soul and toward external power that move leads us to repression of emotions.  I translate that, living from the mind and physical body not living from soul.

When we live from our minds and body,...

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