3 Things You Need to Know About You, Trauma and Addiction

addiction energy soul you Feb 10, 2020

You need to acknowledge that you HAVE an addiction. 

You ARE NOT the addiction.  Let me explain, people come to me and time and time again I hear, I’m an addict, I’m addicted to…, you have no idea what this addiction is doing to me, as if you were power.less. 

You’re Power.Full.

Don't make your addiction or your illness your identity.  I Am are two powerful words.  The third word that follows adds even more power.

You may feel powerless when you’re faced with the choice of do I eat that, do I do that, do I take that. 

It all comes down to a choice.  

Unfortunately, you have made that same choice so many times that it’s now a habit and a pattern.  Remember, a repetitive thought becomes a habit, a repetitive habit becomes a pattern.  A pattern that is not doing you any good needs to be broken so that you can stop doing things mindlessly.  Rewiring the brain to...

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Really?... We Can Put Our Guides to Work?

Yes we can!  Read on...

The light. 

Go to the light, sometimes we say to someone who’s dying.

The light went on, referring to the light bulb, an idea.

We need to shed light on that, when something is obscured, and we need more clarity.

Enlightened, someone that’s lives completely in awareness to the here and now.

Shine your light!  I say this allll the time

What are we talking about?  What’s this light we are referring to?  Zukav says “Light” represents consciousness.  In order to understand this ‘light’ concept, first you need to buy into the idea that your soul, higher self and intuition exists in nonphysical reality.  You can’t touch it or see it because it’s not really there… or is it?  So, how do you buy into something that you can’t touch or see? 

Easy. You feel it!

Could you imagine someone telling you that your intuition doesn’t exist,...

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