2 Effectice Breathing Exercises to Decrease Your Anxiety

anxiety breathwork sleep Feb 24, 2020

Weather you go to a yoga class or a meditation center, the instructor is going to ask you to take a deep breath, bring your focus back to your breath or simply ask you to continue breathing.


 Because humans, when stressed tend to hold your breath, shrug your shoulders and keep’em up there for long periods of time, inhale to the top portions of your lungs and call it a day.

 This kind of shallow breathing causes you anxiety, your mind and body stress.  Without you even knowing it, you’re forgetting to relax your shoulders and inhale deeply.  Never mind inhale deeply, you’re forgetting to breathe normally!

Therefore, I’m taking time to remind you how to breathe correctly in times of relaxation so when you’re faced with stressful life moments, you already have the body memory and it’ll be easier for you to have a positive default than an anxious one.  Take it from me, someone that worked as a respiratory...

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10 Teas to Alleviate Your Anxiety and Tips

I was having a conversation with one of my clients last week about teas.  Specifically, teas that relief anxiety symptoms. 

But before I start talking, remember to consult your doctor before ingesting anything that may help you. 

Also, remember that I’m not a doctor and I’m not suggesting nor recommending anything.  I’m just sharing information that may help.

As you may be aware, anxiety can prevent you from having a restful night's sleep. Some people ingest Benadryl to help them sleep but they wake up tired and sluggish. 

Tea works to help you relax and sleep well without the sluggish side effects.  And it’s food!

Tea is truly calming and relaxing.

Tea can help you, your mind and muscles relax along with a short five-minute meditation.  You can also grab a cup of your tea, read a bit of your book and let your mattress support you. Ahhhh...

You can also dip your finger in your favorite essential oil blend...

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