Positive vs Negative Energy - Which One Is Easier to Manifest?

It’s true.  Haven’t you heard people say things like…

Well, that would happen to me! Referring to something horrible or ‘With my luck, I’ll get hit by a train’ or ‘Knowing me, of course I’ll lose all my money’.  All these examples are all in these people’s future. 

All of these thoughts haven’t happened. 

They may not even have had these negative experiences, but they will because they said it will and the universal law, the law attraction is always at play.  They don’t need to take any action at all. 

Negative energy is swimming freely, effortlessly to them.  They don’t even know the power they have to shift their world around!

It’s safe to say that manifesting negative energy into your life is easier.  It’s easier because it only requires you to say or even think of negativity and it comes to you. 

Positive energy on the other hand at the least...

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How Do You Form Your Thoughts?


Hello Sweet Soul,

Let’s talk about the power of Intention Part 1.

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again, everything is energy.  I know I have.  Here’s the thing, the way Zukav talks about it, is like… why didn’t I think of it that way!  He writes in a way that you can actually feel your brain burst and your consciousness expand!  For real hahaha!

You know me, I have to break it all down to bite-size so that I can take in all the wisdom. 

Check this out, everything is energy, and everything is light.  For example, all that is is light, energy.  We as a whole, you and I take in that light and form it into thoughts, into feelings, into behaviors.  Which is what I’ve been saying for like ever!  But you have filters.

Depending on your filters and how you perceive the world, you give that light form. 

In essence, you can take high vibrational light that is...

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How are you choosing which part of you to listen t

intention meditation Feb 10, 2020

As I continue to read The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, he writes that as you engage in the process of choosing which of part of you, you want to listen to, that process will help you become more aware. 

In case you’re not aware, the more aware you become of what you do want, you become less aware of what you don’t want.  I see this to be true with the clients I work with.  Whenever I ask any one of my clients ‘What do you want?’ the client immediately responds with a list of what they don’t want.  

‘Tell me what you want, not what you don’t want’ I always say.  You see, whatever you...

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