Guided Meditation For Grounding And Centering

meditation Jul 04, 2020


Guided meditation for grounding, centering and earthing.

As usual make yourself comfortable and enjoy your journey into the forest.

What is grounding in meditation?

Grounding in meditation is connecting your physical electrical frequencies with the frequencies of the earth for balance and centering. Earthing. Meanwhile, your central nervous system is being recharged and relaxed.

What is a grounding cord in the esoteric sense?

Again, visualizing an emotional cord, an attachment between you and the earth... a tree in this meditation.  A cord in other words is an attachment that some people have between themselves and others, places or things.  These cords can be created and broken.

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What Age Should You Start Meditating?

children meditation Mar 31, 2020

Like you, there are many mommies at home with their little ones that have so much energy they don't know what to do!  We are all staying home, working from home and some of you are home schooling when you didn't sign up for that!  It's a lot.

One of my clients asked me at what age should you start meditating?  I said now!  As I mention in the video, I started my girls in the womb.  I used to play Bach and Mozart right next to my belly to let them know it was bedtime for mami.  

Can toddlers meditate? She asked. Yes they can.  You on the other hand need to check in with your expectations and keep the meditation simple.  I show you how in this video.  

How do I teach my child mindfulness?  You can teach your child mindfulness by centering your child in the here and now.  For example, you can take your child to the forest and have a playful conversation between trees and flowers.  I say more about this in the video....

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The Connection Between Your thoughts, Your Mood And Your Immune System

Sunday evening I was sitting on the sofa thinking about the week ahead, is it going to be better this week?  Is it going to worsen?  What is this world coming to?  

This virus is causing trauma as days go by.  Our children haven't experienced uncertainty and insecurity globally as they are today.  They're experiencing extreme fear.

I found myself wondering how can I be of service during this time?  One thing I know how to do is pray and meditate.  

And so the next thought came... I can help others either learn how to meditate, teach them a technique here and there or I can at least hold space for someone.

This week I'm holding live streams on my FB Page (you'll find the link down in the footer) every day at 12 pm EST M - F.


In this video you will learn:

The connection between your thoughts and your immune system

Questions I've been asked:

  1. 1. Know the purpose for your meditation practice
  2. 2. Is meditation good for sleep?
  3. 3. Can...
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Talking About Your Goals Helps Manifest Them

You may want to get in the habit of counting your wins.  I know that as kids we learned not to brag.  Especially us women.  “It’s not nice, not lady like.”  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s time to unlearn that.  It’s time to share your wins and scream “Hell yeah!”

This exact thing is what we’re doing in our meditation group every month, we count our wins and share them with pride.  We encourage and support each other to take the next step!  Oh, and we clap for each other too

Why count your wins?  First, because you can.  Second, it creates momentum in your life.  The more you talk about your wins the smaller the other stuff becomes.   The more you talk about your wins, they become real, and the energy multiplies.  It feels good.  You inspire the people that are watching you, your kids.  Some may talk snot about you behind your back, but that’s...

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What's Your Purpose Here?

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

You have no idea how many times a client has asked me to help them figure out their life’s purpose. 

The thing is, I ask myself the same question all the time.  Even though I’ve helped thousands of people in my life as a respiratory therapist and psychotherapist, I still ask myself, how can I be of service? What else can I be doing for the greater good?   


That’s this week’s and final topic from The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  Trust that what you’re doing is helping you take one step closer into fulfilling and living your purpose. 

Not everybody has a huge purpose in life.  Not everybody is Oprah Winfrey or Lady Gaga but everyone does have a purpose to fill and execute while here on planet Earth.  It just looks different for every person.

Some people help others in a large scale, some not so much.  Some don’t help others at all.

Trust that you’re not alone. 

Trust that you have...

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Come on! Take A Walk Inside Your Soul

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

Does my dog have a soul? 

This is a question that I’ve been asked by many people during some of the spiritual workshops I’ve held in the past. 

I’ve always answered yes. 

Yes, because during some spiritual circles I’ve been to, the leader has channeled the spirit of some dogs.  And so, has Teresa Caputo, Lisa Williams and Tyler Henry.  Tyler Henry!  Isn’t he just an angel walking the earth?!  Such sweetness that kid.

Gary Zukav starts this chapter, Soul by talking about the animal kingdom and how the animal soul evolves.  They all evolve differently but the dolphin soul in particular caught my attention.

Something I’ve not thought about is the purpose of the dolphins.  Have you ever seen a dolphin you have not been super happy to see?  Have you seen a dolphin and said to it, I hate you?  No! Me neither! 

Every time I see them, they bring me so much joy and yet they suffer so much. ...

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Positive vs Negative Energy - Which One Is Easier to Manifest?

It’s true.  Haven’t you heard people say things like…

Well, that would happen to me! Referring to something horrible or ‘With my luck, I’ll get hit by a train’ or ‘Knowing me, of course I’ll lose all my money’.  All these examples are all in these people’s future. 

All of these thoughts haven’t happened. 

They may not even have had these negative experiences, but they will because they said it will and the universal law, the law attraction is always at play.  They don’t need to take any action at all. 

Negative energy is swimming freely, effortlessly to them.  They don’t even know the power they have to shift their world around!

It’s safe to say that manifesting negative energy into your life is easier.  It’s easier because it only requires you to say or even think of negativity and it comes to you. 

Positive energy on the other hand at the least...

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Your Soul's Psychology, You And Trauma

Have you thought of your soul’s psychology before? 

Me neither!  This chapter of The Seat of the Soul has got me thinking, like all other chapters. 

This is what google says about the word psychology…

·       the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context

·       the mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group

·       the mental and emotional factors governing a situation or activity

All definitions are regarding the mind and body (behavior), none are regarding the soul.  Psychology is based on the perception of your personality not the soul. 

How can you heal yourself without regarding your soul?

You can’t.

Let’s go back to Carl Jung.  He talked about symbolism and the shadows.  When he talked about the shadows, he was talking about the...

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What You Don't Want Leads You to What You Do Want

What do you want? 

What do you want your life to be like in the next six months?  You don’t like how your situation is at this moment, what are you willing to do to change it?  These are just a few questions I ask when I’m in session with a client.  What’s your goal?  These questions can be overwhelming to some people and exciting to others.  It all depends on each person’s personality. 

Let’s do this exercise!

·       Take a piece of paper and fold it in half long side

·       On the top of the left side write down ‘Things, people and situations I don’t want in my life anymore ever again, POOF Gone!.’

·       On the right side of the paper write down ‘Things, people and experiences I want more of.’

Take your time writing these things down. 

Some things will pop in your...

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Use Your Imagination to Expand Your Inner World

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

When I hold meditation groups or when I teach someone how to meditate, one question I get asked the most is, am I making this up?

Quick answer, yes and no!

You see, you’re making it up, you’re imagining it and you’re creating it.  All at the same time!  Yes, you’re making it up but not really.  When you’re being guided during a meditation, the leader usually leads you to a place of relaxation, there you get to imagine, create all in your head and feel that creation in your body as well.  The amazing thing is that sometimes, you can imagine a place that you’ve never seen in your mind’s eye before and leave you in a state of bliss.  Your whole body is sensing the new experience.

With Shamanic Journeying, the meditation process is different (with me).  When I guide you to a place inside of you for you to explore, once I get you there, I continue to expand on it so that you can see more, feel more and...

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