Talking About Your Goals Helps Manifest Them

You may want to get in the habit of counting your wins.  I know that as kids we learned not to brag.  Especially us women.  “It’s not nice, not lady like.”  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s time to unlearn that.  It’s time to share your wins and scream “Hell yeah!”

This exact thing is what we’re doing in our meditation group every month, we count our wins and share them with pride.  We encourage and support each other to take the next step!  Oh, and we clap for each other too

Why count your wins?  First, because you can.  Second, it creates momentum in your life.  The more you talk about your wins the smaller the other stuff becomes.   The more you talk about your wins, they become real, and the energy multiplies.  It feels good.  You inspire the people that are watching you, your kids.  Some may talk snot about you behind your back, but that’s...

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You, Your Mood and The Law of Vibration

Have you been in one of those moods that no matter how much you try to shake it off and kick it away you just can’t?  The more you try to get rid of it, the stickier it gets!! Isn’t it terrible?!

As you may know, I’ve been holding meditation groups monthly and during these meditation groups I’ve been focusing on the universal laws, especially the law of attraction.  The universal laws apply to all at any given time.

One of the universal laws is the law of oneness.  This law states that everything is connected to a great whole we sometimes call God, Source, Spirit, or Universe.  I’ve also heard this oneness be referred to by many as ‘Something out there that’s bigger than me.’

Here’s the thing, it’s not out there.  It’s in here, inside you and inside me.  You are part of the greater whole, part of God, Source, Spirit and the Universe.  You are not separate from anything.  You are...

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Positive vs Negative Energy - Which One Is Easier to Manifest?

It’s true.  Haven’t you heard people say things like…

Well, that would happen to me! Referring to something horrible or ‘With my luck, I’ll get hit by a train’ or ‘Knowing me, of course I’ll lose all my money’.  All these examples are all in these people’s future. 

All of these thoughts haven’t happened. 

They may not even have had these negative experiences, but they will because they said it will and the universal law, the law attraction is always at play.  They don’t need to take any action at all. 

Negative energy is swimming freely, effortlessly to them.  They don’t even know the power they have to shift their world around!

It’s safe to say that manifesting negative energy into your life is easier.  It’s easier because it only requires you to say or even think of negativity and it comes to you. 

Positive energy on the other hand at the least...

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