How to Jump Start Your Marriage

couple intimacy Feb 20, 2020

Imagine having the perfect marriage, or at least imagine having a marriage where things run smoothly, or how about imagining a partnership that resembles a friendship. 

Think about your relationship with your best friend. 

How often do you fight? If you do, what are your fights usually about?  Do you just let the friendship fizzle away? Or, do you sit or get on the phone with your girlfriend and tell her that what she did and said Friday night at the club was fucked up?!

Do you see the similarities?

Yes, I know!  You don’t share bills and household chores with your girlfriend, you’re not married to your girlfriend, but you’re married to your spouse or partner. 

Let’s say you get into an argument or disagreement with your friend, are you going to divorce them?  No, you’re not, same with your spouse.  Unless your friend is douchy and deserves to be cut off.

Things are going well and suddenly you find yourselves in the...

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