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spirituality Feb 10, 2020

What’s intuition?  My definition of intuition is a feeling that I get instinctively when something feels good or bad, right or wrong, a hell yeah or a hell nooo!  For real!  If something just doesn’t seem right, it’s not!  Stop trying to make a hell no into a hell yeah! 

Trust me, it will come back to bite you up you know where... real good!

Intuition, is available to you and me and everyone who taps into it.  And we all do, we all tap into our intuition.  I don’t believe that no one doesn’t tap into their intuition.  I believe that some of us allow our intuitive guidance to help us lead our way through this lifetime.  I also believe that some of us just ignore our intuitive nature because doing what out intuitive nature calls them to do will not benefit them in the short term.

I know I’ve ignored my intuition out of fear of being seen. 

I’ve played small, ignored my intuition when I was being told to teach others about spirituality and how to listen to the messages of the soul.

I love to read other’s points of view of intuition and how spirit talks back to us.  I agree with Zukav, when he writes… ‘It’s not necessary to be capable of voice to voice communication… to be able to draw upon the sources of guidance and assistance that surrounds you.’ 

You know when you read something that’s so awesome and someone writes what you’ve always known?  That’s how I feel reading this book!  I’ve always known that we’ve had this ability to receive guidance from our soul, spirit always.  He’s right, we don’t need to have voice to voice, the voice is inside you and me.  I’m not talking about hearing voices outside you that aren’t there… just want to make that clear 😊

He also writes, ‘To the multisensory personality, intuitive insights are registrations within its consciousness of a loving guidance that’s continually assisting and supporting its growth.’  When I get an insight, I call them downloads.  When I open myself to receive guidance for anything that I need, I always receive more than I need.  Then, I ask show me the first step to take toward xyz. 

All questions are heard, and all questions are answered.

Isn't that great!  All you gotta do is listen.  You may not like the answer or how it comes but you always get what you need, not what you want.  When you don’t agree with the guidance, that’s a message telling you you’re not in unison with your soul. 

You must know how to ask and how to receive.

I was also so happy to read cause I’ve always known from experience, that when you use your intuitive ability to help heal others there’s a responsibility to not cause harm, know your limitations, don’t allow your ego to get in the way of your work.  I’ve also known and happy to read, when intuitive knowledge comes to you and you don’t use it in some way or form for the benefit of others, like I said above, it can have a serious detrimental effect upon your body!

When I read that I was like holy shit!  It’s so true.  I remember years ago I was meditating in motion, meaning my yoga practice… I was thinking about taking my business toward a different direction.  I was thinking, not feeling.  As soon as finished my practice, I showered got ready for work.  I put my right foot outside the door, slipped and broke my leg! 

Yes, that lesson was learned in a very painful and profound way. 

Shit like that happens to all of us.  I’ve had many conversations with different people from different walks of life like you and me and they all had something in common… they were all ignoring their intuition, their innate compass.

All out of fear of being seen.

Listen to your compass.  It knows! 


**** Here’s a quick tip to help you start to listen to your intuition.

  • Stand in front of the mirror
  • With a ton of love and excitement say 'Hey gorgeous!  What’s one way that I can love you today?!  
  • Now listen and go do that for your awesome self

Remember, the more of us that shine our light, the lighter we’ll all be!! 

Maria <3 XO

Now it’s your turn!  What has happened to you to get you to stay on your path?  What messages are you getting and you’re ignoring? 

Share your thoughts with me, leave a comment below and join the discussion!

(April 23, 2018)


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