The Heart Is the Reflection of the Soul

spirituality Feb 10, 2020
Hello again!

This week I dove into week 4  Heart

Before I begin to give you my thoughts, take one hand and put it over your heart and the other over your abdomen.  Let’s take three deep breaths together. 

Inhale Deeply… Exhale Softly

Inhale Love… Exhale Peace

Inhale Peace… Exhale Love

Beautiful, now as you continue to breath softly say to yourself…

I am pure love.

I love myself fully.

I forgive myself.

Beautiful, now relax and be at ease…

Zukav reminded me of the importance of living from the heart.  He says that the heart is the reflection of the soul.  Unfortunately, there are many people seeking external power and when that happens, being human and multisensory… when one moves away from soul and toward external power that move leads us to repression of emotions.  I translate that, living from the mind and physical body not living from soul.

When we live from our minds and body, that’s when we risk depression and anxious behaviors move in and rent space in out heads making us have repeated thoughts that we don’t want nor need!  When we don’t live from soul, we don’t feel our feelings.  I know that when I’m too busy thinking and doing and not feeling I don’t feel right. 

He then got into talking about Light and Darkness, White and Black.  The light being absent in the dark and the dark being absent in the light.  He does say something that I really loved… ‘The remedy for absence is a presence.’  Hummmm? Say what?!  I had to translate that into Maria terms… the medicine for absence… is presence!!  That’s fucking brilliant.  Today being New Moon, there is no light.  The moon is not shining tonight!  It’s absence of presence and yet, we are so present! 

Something else that he talked about was the correlation we make with white light being good and black light being evil… being a woman of color this made me think… Wow! How long has this been going on?  When did humanity begin to think as white being good and black evil?  That’s another entry and probably another book!! Don't ya think!

If we don’t feel our soul, we can’t be compassionate with ourselves let alone someone else.

Let's keep this conversation flowing!  It's a good one :)

How about you? 

What emotions do you find in yourself that are coming from love?

What feelings do you have about yourself that are based in fear?


Next week:  Intuition


Self Care Tip:

Place you hands on your heart and give yourself three beautiful compliments!  I did.

Love + Peace

Maria <3XO

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