These Questions Will Get You Closer to Self Mastery

Continuing to work with the energies of the moon… here is your Quarter Moon Check-InSide Journal.

This is the perfect time during quarter moon to reflect and check back with the intention you set during the New Moon phase. Does the intention still fit? Does it still feel like you want to take actions steps toward it? This type of questioning prompts you to pause and take another look at what’s going on in your life, another chance to engage.

This phase is called waxing by the way!

Why am I talking about the moon?

First, whether you know it or not your menstrual cycle is linked to the moon. That’s why your menstrual cycle is commonly referred to as your moon cycle. No coincidence!

Look, you’re made mostly of water. Think about the ocean, it’s all water. Does the moon affect the ocean’s tides? Absolutely! The moon affects you, it influences you just like the sun does. The sun makes people happy and the moon makes people reflect and be calm.

Have you ever gone moon bathing?

Moon bathing is just like sun bathing but obviously at night. Imagine yourself lying on a blanket, legs crossed, one arm behind your head, drink in hand, during a warm Summer night with a sky full of stars! That’s moon bathing! I looooove it!

The energies are there and like I’ve said before, why not work with them?!

Now download your journal and get reflecting!

Always here to encourage you,


Why You Need to Practice Shamanic Journeying

Why You Need to Practice Shamanic Journeying

What is Shamanism?  How can it help me?  Is it evil?  Is it a religion?  How can it hurt me?  These are some of many questions I’ve received throughout my career as a psychotherapist.  To put it simply, in my opinion Shamanism is about you learning more about you via spiritual practices that only you can create for yourself meaning, you are your own creator of your own experience. 

What do I mean by you being your own creator?  Let me explain what Shamanism is and then I’ll get back to you as a creator.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice where the Shaman, a healer for her or his community travels, known as journeying into the deep realms of the spirit world, retrieves information from their spirit guides in conjunction with power animals and brings this new-found knowledge to the seeker.  Shamans also work with their ancestors, gods and goddesses of their culture. 

What Did You Come Here to Do?

What Did You Come Here to Do?

You have no idea how many times a client has asked me to help them figure out their life’s purpose. 

The thing is, I ask myself the same question all the time.  Even though I’ve helped thousands of people in my life as a respiratory therapist and psychotherapist, I still ask myself, how can I be of service? What else can I be doing for the greater good?   


That’s this week’s and final topic from The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  Trust that what you’re doing is helping you take one step closer into fulfilling and living your purpose. 

Are You Friends or Not?

Are You Friends or Not?

How do you know if your friends with your partner or not?  Being in any relationship is an interesting process, especially the one with your partner.  I see the struggles of many couples in my private practice.  They struggle to understand each other, respect each, and encourage each other.   These are aspects that if you really think about it, I know you have with your friends because I do too.  As a friend that’s what you do.

In couple-hood, not so much.

Why?  Why is it that the idea of friendship goes out the window once you start to share your life together?  In the book ‘Seat of the Soul’ by Gary Kuzav says that without a commitment to your partner, you can’t learn to see others as your soul sees them; as light.

Old Souls, New Souls oh My!

Week 2   Karma


Continuing with The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, I’m sure you’ve heard, what goes around comes around… you get what you give… karma is a bitch! 

I’ve always wondered why karma would be a bitch?! 

There’s been plenty of time where I’m like… wtf?  I’m so nice and this person is so not nice!  Come to find out, this is an imbalance from my soul’s previous personalities… am I sounding crazy to you?!  Of course, I am! 

This book makes me have multiple braingasms all at one-time lololol

Apparently, karma follows us from one life to another.  The personality changes, the soul doesn’t.  The soul is timeless and so it will have many personalities … holy shit!  As I read this book, I’m having aha! moment after aha! moment! 

I remember reading an article a while ago where it was referring to ‘new souls’.  I’ve never heard of new souls before then.  I’ve heard of people referring to themselves as ‘old souls’ including myself.  That idea of a new soul was news to me!  And like it always happens, the week after I worked with someone who we found out with the use of Past-Life Regression Therapy, that individual has a new soul!  Whaaaaat?!  I read about it and BAM!  I don’t know if I manifested that individual coming into my path or the universe preparing me to work with said individuals.  Whatever the magic at work was… it was an honor.

Then it hit me… there’re new souls!

I looked around me like who said that?!  You know those times when you open your mouth to say one thing and something else comes out and it’s always better because it comes from your higherself

This book is awesome!  Zukav writes, ‘Karma is not a moral dynamic.  Morality is a human creation.  The Universe does not judge.’  These sentences got me thinking… so if karma is created by us humans, the personality let’s say what was the purpose of that moral dynamic and judgement creation? 

I think that karma is like contrast, you wouldn’t know sun without the moon.  Karma brings balance and wholeness to our soul.  Homeostasis if you will.  We all want to be grounded and centered.  We as humans don’t do well when we feel off, anxious or sad.  The closer we are to soul and live from that space of consciousness the better of we are.

I’m still thinking, what about new souls?  New souls don’t have a collection of personalities yet, or do they?  Are they new to Earth and been someplace else?  Gotta keep reading to see if he talks about new souls…

Next week:  Reverence

Love & Peace, Maria


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