Really?... We Can Put Our Guides to Work?

Yes we can!  Read on...

The light. 

Go to the light, sometimes we say to someone who’s dying.

The light went on, referring to the light bulb, an idea.

We need to shed light on that, when something is obscured, and we need more clarity.

Enlightened, someone that’s lives completely in awareness to the here and now.

Shine your light!  I say this allll the time 😊

What are we talking about?  What’s this light we are referring to?  Zukav says “Light” represents consciousness.  In order to understand this ‘light’ concept, first you need to buy into the idea that your soul, higher self and intuition exists in nonphysical reality.  You can’t touch it or see it because it’s not really there… or is it?  So, how do you buy into something that you can’t touch or see? 

Easy. You feel it!

Could you imagine someone telling you that your intuition doesn’t exist, nor your higher self, nor your soul?!  Once you become aware of all of who you are, and experience all of who you are, there’s just no other way to live.  Right?!  I would be giving that person an experience so fast, I’ll be bringing them to the light mad quick!! No pun intended 😊

You may not be able to see someone else’s light, unless you can see their aura.  But holy mother of Goddess, you can certainly FEEL someone else’s light.  Think about when someone super nice walks into the room.  You don’t need to know them, you want to because their light, their vibe is awesome. 

How about walking around in malls?  I can’t.  I’m too sensitive to energy.  I walk in and out as fast as I can.  This exchange of energy is what I work with the most with my clients.

When you come in contact with someone and you don’t like their vibe, there’s something there.  Your vibe is higher than theirs.  Zukav refers to this as well.  He refers to high emotions and low emotions.  This is true for when you come in contact with someone that has hurt you in some way.

When one-person attacks or assaults, like rape, molests, hits another there’s an energy exchange.  Not a good one but there’s energy being exchanged.  The attacker is full of negative emotions, which he/she then creates the exchange through the assault with the victim.  This is the energy that needs to come to light.  This is the energy that needs to be lifted from the victim to the universe for transmutation.

I don’t want to leave you with this.

Same goes for when you’re making love.  When you’re making love, you’re in pure light.  You’re giving and receiving pure light.  It’s beautiful.  When you’re fucking…well that’s a different kinda light!

I hope I was able to bring your vibe up with that one!

Moving on!

Zukav interestingly enough, talks about how our guides are of higher vibration than us and can assist us in ways that we can’t help each other. 

Fascinating!  He says that we have guides and Teachers.  He capitalizes Teachers, I’m under the impression that Teachers are of higher ranking and have higher vibration.  Teachers are impersonal energies that we personalize.  I’m thinking of Abraham Hicks.  I love this!

One tip I want to give to you is that when you sit down to manifest your desires, be clear. 

Be as clear and as detailed as possible.  

And put your guides and Teachers to work! 

I’ll give you an example, when I was studying for my licensing exam, my anxiety was through the roof.  I asked my guides and Teachers in spirit form to help me relax, to help me learn what was necessary for me to pass the test.  I also ask for parking spots!  Yes, I do.  No shame in my game!

Bring your fears to light and give them a voice and get all the lower vibrations out. 

I use EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to get all those pesky vibes out and into the universe. 

Make a ritual of it.  Well, I make a ritual out of folding a napkin if you as my husband! 

Anyhoo, I’m a writer so naturally I like to write my goals.  I’m also a visual learner so I like to cut out pictures of what I want.  Whatever feels natural to do, do that.

Write down what you want not what you don’t want. 

Remember, Keep it Light 😉

Now, tell me…

How does your body feel when you’re sad, angry or resentful?

How does your body feel when you’re grateful, full of joy and full of love?

I want to hear from your lovely soul.  Leave me a comment below! 

(May 1, 2018)


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