How Do You Form Your Thoughts?


Hello Sweet Soul,

Let’s talk about the power of Intention Part 1.

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again, everything is energy.  I know I have.  Here’s the thing, the way Zukav talks about it, is like… why didn’t I think of it that way!  He writes in a way that you can actually feel your brain burst and your consciousness expand!  For real hahaha!

You know me, I have to break it all down to bite-size so that I can take in all the wisdom. 

Check this out, everything is energy, and everything is light.  For example, all that is is light, energy.  We as a whole, you and I take in that light and form it into thoughts, into feelings, into behaviors.  Which is what I’ve been saying for like ever!  But you have filters.

Depending on your filters and how you perceive the world, you give that light form. 

In essence, you can take high vibrational light that is available to you and transform it into a negative or unwanted thought, feeling or behavior.  It’s perception.

Take this tip and put it into practice whenever you experience a negative thought

Since light/energy comes inside of you and based on your filters, you transform this light into a negative thought of lower vibration.  Have an anchor ready.  A mantra.  A prayer.  Another thought that is of higher vibration than the negative you just thought of.  I use the words,  

I AM LOVE.  Is of the highest vibrations.

“An intention is not only a desire.  It is the use of your will.”  Zukav

I remember a few years ago when I was working for a center here in Connecticut I was miserable and like Zukav says, the intention to end will create restlessness.  I was indeed restless.  The energy there was so low and being so sensitive to energy I couldn’t wait to get the fuck outta there.  It took a bit, but I did.

Everyday I read the tiny post-it note I had taped on my computer screen… “It’s Temporary.”

I read that note again and again.  My intention with that note was to remind me of my goals and not to stress so much because it was all temporary and I will soon be out. 

Whatever intention you set, your higher self will look for evidence of that.  Your higher self will move you closer to the creation of your intention.

If you set an intention and then set another intention that conflict with each other, you’re gonna be a mess!   Ultimately, the intention with the highest vibration will win.

And remember, word have power whether they are in thought, verbal or in written form.

I always tell my clients that want to manifest a partner, to write it all down, all the qualities they want in their partner, as if they were putting in an order… because they are!  You are too!

You create your reality based on your intentions.

Here’s another tip I give to my clients that are experiencing anxiety, I tell them to carry an apple.  Yup! An apple.  An apple represents grounding.  The apple when organic is from the earth.  If it has that waxy shit, no Bueno!

The power of Intention is the chapter that Oprah says shifted the direction of her show and her life. 

I agree, when you become aware of your own power and how the universe is so overtly in cahoots with you, that is life changing!

Now that you’re aware that your intentions create your reality, what are you going to create in your life?     I want to know, leave me a comment below.


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(May 8, 2018)


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