Did You Know That Your Basic Emotional Spectrum Comes Down to Two Basic Emotions?

emotions energy intention Feb 10, 2020

Ever wonder why anger, shame, resentment make you feel tired, drained and feeling really sad while love, joy and laughter leaves you feeling excited and energetic?  That’s because negative feelings have lower vibrations and positive feelings have higher vibrations.  Now, think about how you fight with your partner and how often. 

Your two basic emotions are love and fear.

Every intention stems from these two emotions.  When you get into it with your partner, it starts with the fear of... you can fill in the blank here which most likely you'll end up in a fight.  Or, it starts with the loving act of... fill in the blank here which hopefully you'll end up doing something really nice together... wink! wink!

In case you’re just getting to this series of blog posts, I’m reading Gary Zukav’s The Seat of the Soul and I’ve been reading a chapter a week and sharing my thoughts on it.  This week’s chapter is ‘Intention’ part two and he talks about marriage and the roles of husband and wife.

I know that plenty of couples that I’ve worked with fall into this notion that women have certain roles around the house and the husband has certain roles too and when not done, there’s some misunderstanding and ultimately arguments that bring them into therapy.  When you think of your partner as your best friend, you'll fight less.

This is what I recommend that you do, if you’re in a relationship think of your partner as your friend first, spouse second.  I always recommend that you have a friendship with your spouse.  Take your partner out to dinner, do fun things together and act as if you were dating back in high school.  You'll have more moments of happiness (higher vibes). 

Look, some couples aren't even friends, never mind partners.  The thing is that when you think of your partner as your friend, you’re less likely to have unnecessary arguments.  You tend to be more compassionate and understanding. 

Zukav refers to this kind of marriage ‘spiritual partnership.’  He says that when you set the intention of having a spiritual partnership instead of a marriage you’ll engage in a very different dynamic than the usual husband and wife team.  You’ll help each other in your own personal growth.

Remember that every intention sets energy in motion whether you intend it to or not. 

What intention do you want to set for your current spiritual partnership or friendship?  Leave me a comment below.

Only love,


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