Come on! Take A Walk Inside Your Soul

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

Does my dog have a soul? 

This is a question that I’ve been asked by many people during some of the spiritual workshops I’ve held in the past. 

I’ve always answered yes. 

Yes, because during some spiritual circles I’ve been to, the leader has channeled the spirit of some dogs.  And so, has Teresa Caputo, Lisa Williams and Tyler Henry.  Tyler Henry!  Isn’t he just an angel walking the earth?!  Such sweetness that kid.

Gary Zukav starts this chapter, Soul by talking about the animal kingdom and how the animal soul evolves.  They all evolve differently but the dolphin soul in particular caught my attention.

Something I’ve not thought about is the purpose of the dolphins.  Have you ever seen a dolphin you have not been super happy to see?  Have you seen a dolphin and said to it, I hate you?  No! Me neither! 

Every time I see them, they bring me so much joy and yet they suffer so much.  They get eaten, beat up by boats and are now being extinct.

This got me thinking.

In my practice while I’m working with certain clients I draw a family map for them.  With some clients we look at their family and notice how some members of the family decide to not procreate by choice or they can’t for different reasons. 

That decision ‘kills’ that line. 

Some members may say, life’s too hard and decide to not marry, or commits suicide or what have you.  Each line, each generation disappears.

As that family continues to not continue to get bigger, eventually that family is a family of twenty, then ten, then none.  Essentially that family becomes extinct. 

As the soul of the dolphin is being extinct so are some souls of some families I work with and know at a personal level.

Just like the spirit of the dolphin is suffering so is the human spirit.  As a collective we’re awakening and I’m grateful for that.

Let’s take this to a basic level.  Let's go for a walk inside your soul.

Allow me to guide real quick through a meditative process…

Imagine your soul and if your soul were a house, what would it look like?

Stand outside and look at your house for a minute.  What’s surrounding your house?  Do you have flowers?  What kind of flowers?  Does it have a fence around it?

Now walk inside.

What’s inside?  Is it two floors or one?  What feeling do you get while you’re walking around your house?

What message would you benefit from receiving from your soul at this time in your life?  Ask.

Whatever feelings are coming up for you, no worries.  Just notice them and write them down in your journal later.

The purpose of this exercise is to help you meet with your soul.  To help you feel what’s inside of you and for you to spend time with you.

With only love,



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