Another of Our Soul's Characteristics

spirituality Feb 10, 2020

Week 3 


Here we are again!  Let’s talk Reverance… to have deep respect for something or someone.  No, It’s more than that!  Zukav says that respect is a judgement from the personality.  Look at how Zukav defines reverence…

‘Reverence is a level of protection and honor about the process of life so that while a person is maturing toward the journey of authentic empowerment (remember? Authentic empowerment is living from our soul), he or she harms nothing. …holiness of all Life, that Life is destroyed and tortured, brutalized, starved, and maimed while we journey from unempowerment to empowerment.’  These sentences are making me wanna go vegan! 

Living from soul, consciousness, wanting to harm nothing or no one is living in reverence.  I can’t help but think about our TV system here in the states.  For years I’ve only watched mediums on TV like Lisa Williams, Teresa Caputo and now Tyler Henry.  I also watch Oprah.  On Netflix I watch documentaries and movies like Origin, What the Bleep and Supersize Me. I stay away from the news.  I'm way too sensitive, empathetic. 

Could you imagine a world where documentaries of consciousness IS the main stream instead of news about people killing people or who stole who and what kid got beat up to a pulp by their parents!!  That’s what’s on tv! 

How can we as a society reach reverence?  We must take the whole and break it up into bite size parts… Us!  We’ve got to start with who we know, ourselves, moi!

I invite you to send super white light to the world every day, every moment you hear about someone doing harm to another, I invite you to send white loving light of reverence to the person speaking ill or doing harm, I invite you to shower yourself with the energies of reverence every time you think and speak ill of yourself. 

I’m going to do that too! 

I do it while working with my clients.  I shower them with while loving light every time one of them are telling me their story!  And lets be patient, compassionate and caring with ourselves which is what reverence brings.

Next week:  Heart

Here’s a quick tip on manifesting! 

What do you want to manifest more of? 

Love, money, health, travel… whatever it is write it down.  Write what you want as detail as possible DO NOT write what you don’t want, only what you do want.  Next, change your passwords to reflect that goal!! For example, if you want more love, use words like LOVE, LOVER, SOULMATE, SEXYBAE, RICKYMARTIN…you get the picture!!  The more you type that password the more energy you’re sending out to the universe and that goal that is sitting in your vortex!!

Btw, I did get Ricky Martin!!  My husband put his picture on my 35th birthday cake!! <3 :D

Love & Lifetimes of Reverence through all directions of time    ~Maria

(April 9, 2018)


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