What You Don't Want Leads You to What You Do Want

What do you want? 

What do you want your life to be like in the next six months?  You don’t like how your situation is at this moment, what are you willing to do to change it?  These are just a few questions I ask when I’m in session with a client.  What’s your goal?  These questions can be overwhelming to some people and exciting to others.  It all depends on each person’s personality. 

Let’s do this exercise!

·       Take a piece of paper and fold it in half long side

·       On the top of the left side write down ‘Things, people and situations I don’t want in my life anymore ever again, POOF Gone!.’

·       On the right side of the paper write down ‘Things, people and experiences I want more of.’

Take your time writing these things down. 

Some things will pop in your head really fast and other thoughts will come to you as the days go by.  Our goals change as we change.  Remember nothing is permanent and energy shifts like the ocean.

Now take a good look at your list, which side is longer and which side is shorter?  There’s no good or bad nor right or wrong answers here.  It simply is what it is. 

From my experience working with people, the ‘I don’t want side’ is usually a mile long!  Which is awesome because you’re purging what you don’t want out.  The ‘I want more of’ side is usually shorter.  That’s good too because you’ll be clear as to what you DO want.  It’s good at times to not have so many options of what you want because what people tend to do is focus on one thing, then the other, then the other and end up manifesting nothing because their energy is always shifting. 

Now that you purged out what you don’t want…

·       Take you pen and make a huge X on what you don’t want!  If it feels right to you say… ‘I thank you and now I let you go.  I now choose to focus on what I want more of in my life, more goodness, more love, more peace etc…,

Now let’s focus on what YOU DO WANT.  To keep this exercise simple let’s say you want a new car, a boyfriend and a trip to Italy (trip to Italy is for me 😊). 

·       On top of a new piece of paper write ‘Things, people and experiences I want more of.’

·       In PRESENT tense write, I now have a new car.  It is a 2019 BMW SUV, Lexus, Mercedes whatever kind of car you want.  Think like money is not issue here!  Just dream as BIG as your brain allows you.  If it doesn’t seem possible, scale your dream to where it feels comfortable to you.

·       I now have a boyfriend that treats me with dignity, respect, communicates well… looks like…

·       I am now walking the streets of Rome, Italy with… or alone… having dinner at…

You get the picture?! 

Focus on what you DO want.  FEEEEEEL IT!

With much love + joy,



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