Use Your Imagination to Expand Your Inner World

meditation spirituality Feb 17, 2020

When I hold meditation groups or when I teach someone how to meditate, one question I get asked the most is, am I making this up?

Quick answer, yes and no!

You see, you’re making it up, you’re imagining it and you’re creating it.  All at the same time!  Yes, you’re making it up but not really.  When you’re being guided during a meditation, the leader usually leads you to a place of relaxation, there you get to imagine, create all in your head and feel that creation in your body as well.  The amazing thing is that sometimes, you can imagine a place that you’ve never seen in your mind’s eye before and leave you in a state of bliss.  Your whole body is sensing the new experience.

With Shamanic Journeying, the meditation process is different (with me).  When I guide you to a place inside of you for you to explore, once I get you there, I continue to expand on it so that you can see more, feel more and experience more. 

Your imagination IS what makes all this journeying possible.  Are you making it up during the process?  No.  The reason I say no is because while you’re journeying/meditating the pictures that come to you are new pictures that your mind/soul has not shown you before because you’ve never asked to be shown.  And you have absolutely no control of what pictures pop up.  With that said, we all have a protective mechanism that we’ll not allow ourselves to see, hear or feel anything that we’re not ready to experience.

When I hear someone ask this question am I making it up?  What I hear is this… did I have control over the creation of this imaginative scene and therefore is it real?  My question is, had you thought of this scene on your own prior to the meditation?  Had you gotten to that place in your mind/soul without being led there?  Probably.  Probably not.

What I always ask for from you to do is… ALLOW.

Allow your imagination to just be what it is, a very powerful creator, teacher of all sorts.  All you need is to ask the questions, be curious and be humble.  After all, you’re your own tarot card!

Stay out of your own way! 

Easier said than done trust me, I know but with practice, you’ll be communing with your power animals, angels and guides daily 😊

Look, you can continue to live your life in your head and body and forgetting to use your soul which houses your spirituality, your power house.  What I know for sure is that without my spirituality, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Spirituality is essential for our daily living.

It’s not natural for us beings to go go go and not be.  If you look back through our existence, we have never not had spirituality.  It’s natural for us to congregate around the fire.  And what happens when you sit by the fire?  You relax. Yes, you relax, your body melts into a state of peacefulness, you breathe deeper, you keep looking into that fire and it begins to dance for you.  You begin to commune with it.

Take a deep breath and exhale it out.  Relax your shoulders.

You saw that fire right?!  I did too. 

That’s the power of your imagination.  I’ll stop here for today and next week we’ll talk about using your creativity for manifesting more of what you want not more of what you don’t want.

With love + respect,



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