How to Honor the Women Before You

This Friday March 8, 2019 is International Women’s Day and I thought of how we can honor the women before us when there wasn’t a day to celebrate in a major scale.

As always, start with you.

Go on A Retreat

Gift yourself a week, weekend or a day retreat.  If you can’t get away for the day never mind a week, gift yourself a massage, a manicure in honor of the women before you that didn’t have the opportunity to go for a retreat of any kind.

Help Another Woman

This week (any time really) if you see a woman struggling with her child or just having a bad day, lend her a helping hand.  Help her with the stroller, hold her bag while she gets change for the bus or just gift a smile.  If you see a young woman, say the age of five who’s having a difficult moment, kneel to her eye level and ask how you can be of service to her. 

Lend A Listening Ear

Go for a walk, meet a friend and listen.  Take turns.  One talks for the entire way to your destination and the other talks for the entire way back.  Make sure you both are actively listening. 

Don’t have time for a walk, call instead of texting. 

Gift yourself.

Send your friend a card.  Better yet!  Send your friends and the little women in your life a card telling them how wonderful they are!  They’ll love being thought of.

Gifting A Morning Ritual

I say morning but you know it can be any time of the day.  Take a shower with a nice bar of soap infused with your favorite essential oil.  You can honor yourself or your loved one by sitting down meditate for a few minutes.  Thinking of them may help you feel closer to them depending where you’re at with your healing.  Take a photo album out and reminisce, laugh and cry.

You can do all of this with or without a candle.

Yoga or Zumba

Take a yoga class in honor of your special loved one who didn’t get a chance to go to a yoga class or Zumba class.  My mother would’ve gone to a Zumba class any day!

My favorite is to pay for someone’s cup of coffee regardless of gender in honor of my mother. 

My mother made the best cup of coffee, old school.  She would bring the coffee to a boil and warm the milk just so.  She would the strain the coffee with a homemade strainer, a piece of a wire hanger and a piece of an old t-shirt.  

That would do it!

In service to the women before me who laid the path and made sacrifices on my behalf,