4 Types Of Meditation to Get You Started on Your Journey

Why Meditate?  Because it’s good for you!  

No, for real… meditation is a practice that has helped me and many other’s I’ve treated.  Meditation can support you with:

  • Decreasing stress

  • Decreasing anxiety

  • Improving your relationships

  • Provide you with a sense of inner peace

  • Increased sleep

  • Intuition

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Being compassionate with yourself and others

  • Being less judgmental toward yourself and others

  • Being more and doing less

Event though running, walking, and dancing can be forms of letting go and may help you feel lighter, these practices do not allow you to transcend into a place where time doesn’t exist even if it’s for 5 minutes.

This is why I want to introduce you to these 4 practices that you can implement, transcend with the use of a simple timer.

  1. Guided Meditation -  This is when someone guides you to a place in your subconsciousness with a purpose.  This is the kind of meditation I use the most with my clients.  It’s purpose driven.  The purpose may be as simple as learning to relax.  Which I say simple but this process may be difficult for some to learn at first and then becomes second nature later.  The purpose may be to help my client go deeper in her journey of self discovery.  The purpose may also be to take the whole group to the same place in their psyche and all will have a similar and different experience.

2.  Body Scan - This is the easiest to learn for beginners, I think.  The goal is to scan the body    as you relax body part, by body part.

3.  Seated Meditation - the most difficult meditation for some of us that have a lot on our minds and yet the most beneficial.  This is the kind of meditation I practice every morning.  This is when you sit and observe your breath.  You can add breath work here to help you achieve a place of relaxation.

4.  Mantra Meditation - This is when you repeat a mantra which means man - mind, tra - instrument over and over and you silently inhale and exhale.  

Keep it simple.

The more you complicate your practice, the less likely you are to do it and most importantly stick to it.

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