Full Moon:  Soak in The Energy and Let it Go

Have you ever wondered if the full moon really makes a difference in your life?  Does it really influence your mood or behaviors?


That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.  How?  If the moon affects your mood, how?


I also did some research, I looked up articles about how the moon influence us humans, scientifically based and found nothing.  I was a bit surprised yet why would there be?


Scientists probably don’t really care about the moon in the way you would if you want to manifest or let go of emotional baggage.


That’s what the full moon’s energies is usually used for, letting go.  The new moon is to bring in, the full moon is for cleansing.  I’m talking about people like you that are interested, intrigued and curious about working with universal energies for your benefit.


I have created a ritual to help you do just that.


I’m going to leave a three prompting questions here:

  • Mind – Is there something that’s been bothering you lately, renting space in your mind that’s not benefiting you?

  • Body – Is there anything in your body that you can do without?

  • Soul – Is there an emotion that’s aching you inside?


Answer these questions and when you’re ready download the ritual!


With love,