These Questions Will Get You Closer to Self Mastery

Continuing to work with the energies of the moon… here is your Quarter Moon Check-InSide Journal.

This is the perfect time during quarter moon to reflect and check back with the intention you set during the New Moon phase. Does the intention still fit? Does it still feel like you want to take actions steps toward it? This type of questioning prompts you to pause and take another look at what’s going on in your life, another chance to engage.

This phase is called waxing by the way!

Why am I talking about the moon?

First, whether you know it or not your menstrual cycle is linked to the moon. That’s why your menstrual cycle is commonly referred to as your moon cycle. No coincidence!

Look, you’re made mostly of water. Think about the ocean, it’s all water. Does the moon affect the ocean’s tides? Absolutely! The moon affects you, it influences you just like the sun does. The sun makes people happy and the moon makes people reflect and be calm.

Have you ever gone moon bathing?

Moon bathing is just like sun bathing but obviously at night. Imagine yourself lying on a blanket, legs crossed, one arm behind your head, drink in hand, during a warm Summer night with a sky full of stars! That’s moon bathing! I looooove it!

The energies are there and like I’ve said before, why not work with them?!

Now download your journal and get reflecting!

Always here to encourage you,