3 Things You Need to Know About You, Trauma and Addiction


First thing first. 

You need to acknowledge that you HAVE an addiction. 

You ARE NOT the addiction.  Let me explain, people come to me and time and time again I hear, I’m an addict, I’m addicted to…, you have no idea what this addiction is doing to me, as if you were power.less. 

You’re Power.Full.

Don't make your addiction or your illness your identity.  I Am are two powerful words.  The third word that follows adds even more power.

You may feel powerless when you’re faced with the choice of do I eat that, do I do that, do I take that. 

It all comes down to a choice.  

Unfortunately, you have made that same choice so many times that it’s now a habit and a pattern.  Remember, a repetitive thought becomes a habit, a repetitive habit becomes a pattern.  A pattern that is not doing you any good needs to be broken so that you can stop doing things mindlessly.  Rewiring the brain to create new associations with food and behaviors is what you may need.


1.      You’re not responsible for what happened to you, but you ARE responsible for how you respond to it.

Look you’re more powerful than you think and know.  I know you hear that all the time and it may sound cheesy but it’s so true.  The mind, as powerful as it is to create unwanted behaviors is just if not more powerful in creating wanted behaviors. 

Think of it this way, when you go through a trauma like sexual molestation or a car accident, as a human your brain knows how to disassociate.  No one likes pain or discomfort, so you get the hell out of there, physically if you can.  If you can’t you get out however possible… disassociation.  Depending how often you were exposed or reminded of the trauma, that’s how often your brain instilled, wired if you will that association, to disassociate.

If you have a pattern of let’s say, hanging out with your friends and doing XYZ and you’re ok with it, it doesn’t bother you and it’s not getting in the way of your higher self, by all means rock on with your badself!  If you do have an addiction that needs changing like Gary Zukav says in The Seat of the Soul, first you need to acknowledge it so that you can diminish its power of you.


2.      Your desire to indulge in any addiction is not who you are at your core.  Your Soul is not addicted, you are. 

Have you met anyone that is completely happy with their addiction to some thing or some behavior?  No, you haven’t.  Neither have I.  It’s impossible I think to be whole and balanced with a lingering addiction.  There’s a part of you that’s off.  That part of you needs healing and it’s calling your attention. 

How do you know it’s an addiction? 

So many clients have asked me this very question.  I always say, listen for the answer, you will know.  If it’s getting in the way of you being whole, your daily living in a very damaging way it’s an addiction.  Sometimes it’s not damaging your life, but it can, and it may.  Know that if you’re asking yourself this question, you may be walking on a thin line.

Trauma sucks and it shows up in many different dress sizes so please be kind to yourself.  Be patient.


3.      Your addiction is not stronger than you.  You ARE Soul.

Damn! When you look at life from your soul’s eyes, how can you want to do something wrong?!  It’s like that catholic guilt hahahaha.  God’s watching you know! 

Seriously though, there’s a video of Oprah and Gary having a conversation where he describes what soul is to Oprah.  He says something like, Soul is like the mother ship, your personality wants to follow soul.  This made Oprah cry.

As you continue to choose what you want over what you don’t want, you’ll be rewiring your brain. 

That opportunity will come up repeatedly. 

It can get tiring at times but if you want to incorporate that part of you that is addicted and living fear, there’s a process, a journey.  The more you choose what you want, you will realize that you’re not at the mercy of the addiction.  Yes, the addiction not YOUr addiction. 

The addiction will become separate from who you ARE.

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With love + respect,