Using the Energies of A Pregnant Moon

Today, I decided to go to the river for my full moon ritual.  I usually wake up, practice my yoga, throw a tarot card or two, maybe record an audio meditation but today the river called me and I went.  

As I walked down to the river, I gathered my things and began listening to my higher self.  I picked up a large stone, small stone and a dried up lily for my releasing ritual.  I remember a while ago, I worried about releasing unwanted energies into the universe so I always gifted my releasing to God.  Then one day I learned about the laws of the universe and now I think different!

This is what I did today:

  • When I got to the river I grounded and communed with the river and trees
  • I picked 3 objects to infuse with my intention
  • Set my intentions, one for mental health, emotional health and the third for physical health.  I kept mind, body and soul in mind.
  • I then gave thanks to the river, stones and wind for helping me release today.

And so I thought, why not record it and share it with you!  If you like it and think of a friend that may like it as well, please share it!  Oh! If you haven't already, there's an audio meditation to help you relax when you sign up for my newsletter.

As always,

Thank you!