Do This Before You Open Next Year

Here you are again! 

It’s the end of another year and the cusp of another new. 

What are you going to do to close this year before you open next year? 

What?! Huh?!!

Close?!  Open?!  Say what?!

Yes!  It’s always a nice practice to close one year before you open the other. 

Think of it this way, just like you ask your kids to put away the old toy before they open the new toy to play with, here you’re going to do the same.  What happens when your kid has opened toy after toy after toy Christmas morning?  The house ends up a mess!  Well, same here.  When you open year after year without closing the year prior, you end up with a mess, a mixed of things all over the place. Unopened projects, multiple opened projects, things you wanted to do, things you still want to do and things you don’t care about anymore.

It’s time to get organized.

The following tips will help you to

  • release the old and spring board into the new

  • create new traditions

  • take you through every section of your life and get you thinking about what you want that life to be like in the coming year

  • how you make THAT happen

  • keep you on track and inspired

  • look back at your journal and see the goals you’ve reached and how much you’ve grown

  • vision board ideas

  • remember that there’s always time to start living your best life

80% of people do not even think of goals
16% don’t write down
4% write them
1% out of the 4% – write goals down regularly & review them = HIGH ACHIEVERS (whatever!)

TIP # 1

Close 2018.

Sit by your altar with pen and paper.  Light your candle.  Sit on your favorite cushion. And start by setting an intention.  ‘Today I intend to close 2018.  Today, I’m thankful for receiving____, _____, _____ (and so on) in 2018.  Today, I invite ______, ______, _______, to come forth for me in 2019.  All for the betterment of all concerned.  Here you can say, today I invite the spirit of love, the spirit of joy, the spirit of abundance, experiences that you would love to have and you know for sure will bring you peace and joy in the coming year.

You need to cover every area of your life in order to feel whole… balanced if you will.

TIP #2

Open 2019

Open a fresh page in your journal and on the left write the word MIND, BODY, SOUL and EMOTIONAL leave a few spaces in between.

Mind – What steps do I need to take for my mind to feel at ease?  What can I do to help my mind?


Listen to your mind, it will tell you.

Now, do the same with your body.

Body – Ask your body… body, what actions do I need to take for you to feel balanced and whole? (don’t get cray cray here!  A little goes a long way!)  Let’s move on to Soul.  Love me some Soul <3

Soul – Soul, what practices, rituals do I need to incorporate for you to feel nourished?  Ooooooo listen.  Soul speaks in symbols sometimes.  Listen with all ears, all six senses, be on the look out for Soul’s answers. 

At times, Soul speaks loud and sometimes it speaks softly.  Whatever you need, you’ll receive.

Emotions – Emotion is that part of the human that makes the human feel out of balanced and it’s the amazing part of the human that is the alarm sort of speak, that warns the human when things are fucked up!  I mean not going well 😊

Don’t be the human that ignores your emotions.  They’re there for a reason.  A good reason!

Emotions what are you trying to tell me?  What can I expect from you?  What is my lesson here? 

If you get overwhelmed, come back to this one.

Based on your journaling… What are your goals for 2019?  You have the potential to investing in creating the future you want using your own internal compass rather than just letting life happen to you.

Life happens for you.

What rituals came up for you that will help you with your overall desired outcome of living a more ‘in tune with your intuition’ while planning your future?

Use your creativity!

With much love + service,