Yoga May Hurt At First

Shame, an internal residual of trauma may interfere with your yoga journey. When your body begins to remember how to relax, yoga may do the opposite at first. Your anxiety may rise, therefore making you feel uncomfortable. While you take time to be still and be quiet, your body may want to run and go into fight or flight! Think limbic system.

With practice, your anxiety will subside and you'll succeed in relaxing into calmness.

Make sure you practice meditation and or yoga with a practitioner that is trauma sensitive and trauma informed.

Remember I'm not a doctor so do your own research and check in with your provider.

2 Effective Breathing Techniques to Calm Your Mind and Increase Body Awareness

2 Effective Breathing Techniques to Calm Your Mind and Increase Body Awareness

Weather you go to a yoga class or a meditation center, the instructor is going to ask you to take a deep breath, bring your focus back to your breath or simply ask you to continue breathing.


 Because humans you, when stressed tend to hold your breath, shrug your shoulders and keep’em up there for long periods of time, inhale to the top portions of your lungs and call it a day.

 This kind of shallow breathing causes your mind and body stress.  Without you even knowing it, you’re forgetting to relax your shoulders and inhale deeply.  Never mind inhale deeply, you’re forgetting to breathe normally!

 Therefore, I’m taking time to remind you how to breathe correctly in times of relaxation so when you’re faced with stressful life moments, you already have the body memory and it’ll be easier for you to have a positive default than an anxious one.  Take it from me, someone that worked as a respiratory practitioner in the intensive care units of Yale New Haven Hospital for almost thirteen years and Hartford Hospital for another five.

 Sound good?!

4 Types Of Meditation to Get You Started on Your Journey

4 Types Of Meditation to Get You Started on Your Journey

Why Meditate?  Because it’s good for you!  

No, for real… meditation is a practice that has helped me and many other’s I’ve treated.  Meditation can support you with:

  • Decreasing stress

  • Decreasing anxiety

  • Improving your relationships

  • Provide you with a sense of inner peace

  • Increased sleep

  • Intuition

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Being compassionate with yourself and others

  • Being less judgmental toward yourself and others

  • Being more and doing less

Event though running, walking, and dancing can be forms of letting go and may help you feel lighter, these practices do not allow you to transcend into a place where time doesn’t exist even if it’s for 5 minutes.

This is why I want to introduce you to these 4 practices that you can implement, transcend with the use of a simple timer.

  1. Guided Meditation -  This is when someone guides you to a place in your subconsciousness with a purpose.  This is the kind of meditation I use the most with my clients.  It’s purpose driven.  The purpose may be as simple as learning to relax.  Which I say simple but this process

How to Honor the Women Before You

How to Honor the Women Before You

This Friday March 8, 2019 is International Women’s Day and I thought of how we can honor the women before us when there wasn’t a day to celebrate in a major scale.

As always, start with you.

Go on A Retreat

Gift yourself a week, weekend or a day retreat.  If you can’t get away for the day never mind a week, gift yourself a massage, a manicure in honor of the women before you that didn’t have the opportunity to go for a retreat of any kind.

Quarter Moon: It's Time to Surrender and Forgive

As you may already know, I’ve been challenging myself to go live on Facebook on a weekly basis.

Today I finished the moon series I didn’t know I was creating but nonetheless, it’s done!

Here’s part 4. Click or paste this url to your search bar…

You can start your manifesting cycle with the new moon and your letting go with the full moon.

Happy manifesting!


Full Moon:  Soak in The Energy and Let it Go

Have you ever wondered if the full moon really makes a difference in your life?  Does it really influence your mood or behaviors?


That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.  How?  If the moon affects your mood, how?


I also did some research, I looked up articles about how the moon influence us humans, scientifically based and found nothing.  I was a bit surprised yet why would there be?


Scientists probably don’t really care about the moon in the way you would if you want to manifest or let go of emotional baggage.


That’s what the full moon’s energies is usually used for, letting go.  The new moon is to bring in, the full moon is for cleansing.  I’m talking about people like you that are interested, intrigued and curious about working with universal energies for your benefit.


I have created a ritual to help you do just that.


I’m going to leave a three prompting questions here:

  • Mind – Is there something that’s been bothering you lately, renting space in your mind that’s not benefiting you?

  • Body – Is there anything in your body that you can do without?

  • Soul – Is there an emotion that’s aching you inside?


Answer these questions and when you’re ready download the ritual!


With love,











These Questions Will Get You Closer to Self Mastery

Continuing to work with the energies of the moon… here is your Quarter Moon Check-InSide Journal.

This is the perfect time during quarter moon to reflect and check back with the intention you set during the New Moon phase. Does the intention still fit? Does it still feel like you want to take actions steps toward it? This type of questioning prompts you to pause and take another look at what’s going on in your life, another chance to engage.

This phase is called waxing by the way!

Why am I talking about the moon?

First, whether you know it or not your menstrual cycle is linked to the moon. That’s why your menstrual cycle is commonly referred to as your moon cycle. No coincidence!

Look, you’re made mostly of water. Think about the ocean, it’s all water. Does the moon affect the ocean’s tides? Absolutely! The moon affects you, it influences you just like the sun does. The sun makes people happy and the moon makes people reflect and be calm.

Have you ever gone moon bathing?

Moon bathing is just like sun bathing but obviously at night. Imagine yourself lying on a blanket, legs crossed, one arm behind your head, drink in hand, during a warm Summer night with a sky full of stars! That’s moon bathing! I looooove it!

The energies are there and like I’ve said before, why not work with them?!

Now download your journal and get reflecting!

Always here to encourage you,


This New Moon Ritual

This New Moon Ritual

The new moon brings with it a new opportunity for your growth, a new beginning for the next moon cycle that you can add upon with the next moon cycle and the next.


Why not! It’s there, why not use it’s energy to help you grow and heal. It’s like a prayer.

I have created this meditation with the hope that you begin to use the universal energies that are available to us all to help soothe your anxiety and lift your sadness.