The Querida MarĂ­ Podcast

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2022
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Maria Rivera Heath LMFT
The Querida MarĂ­ Podcast

The Querida Mari podcast is made with the Latina Mujer in mind. It is a place for your inner child to learn/unlearn life lessons that are no longer serving your adult Self. Come as you are, take space, make yourself a cafecito and let's get started!


In today's episode: what to expect from The Querida Marí Podcast


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Guided Meditation For Overcoming Your Anxiety

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020




Part 2

Using affirmations is a daily practice. The more you affirm a positive state of being, the more positive you'll feel.

It's the same as affirming negative thoughts.

What are some positive affirmations?

You are not your anxiety. Anxiety does not define who you are.

How do you make powerful affirmations? You place 'I Am' in front of the word.

I am safe.

I am at peace.

I am calm.

Can positive affirmations change your life?

Affirmations, like taking a deep breath is a practice. Positive affirmations with daily practice will calm your central nervous system. Just like anxious thinking makes you anxious, positive thinking makes you feel positive.



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Tips For Calming Your Anxiety Quickly

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020



This week I have a brief explanation of why you may be feeling the so commonly known as the 'impending doom'.

So many of my client report that same feeling you may be feeling and describe it as 'something really bad is about to happen.'

In this video I explain how your mind and body may have had made associations contributing to your anxiety.

Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and pressure points when you can.

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Ho'oponopono Guided Meditation For Self-Compassion & Forgiveness

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020


Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation with oneself, others, the earth, and with your ancestors.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, it's not about anyone else. Forgiveness is a bout FREEdom! Freedom or the anguish, pain and discomfort you may be experiencing at the moment. Forgiveness is not about forgiving their behavior and how they wronged you.

Ho'o = to make

Pono = right

Pono Pono = to make doubly right

I like to think of this like making things right with you and them.

The prayer is: repentance... I am sorry

asking for forgiveness... Please forgive me

Love... I love you

Gratitude.... Thank you

Why is it hard to forgive yourself?

-Maybe you need to be forgiven for your part?

How do I stop punishing myself for past mistakes?

- own the mistake. Now that you know better, what would you have done differently?

With love, Maria

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Guided Meditation For Grounding And Centering

meditation Jul 04, 2020


Guided meditation for grounding, centering and earthing.

As usual make yourself comfortable and enjoy your journey into the forest.

What is grounding in meditation?

Grounding in meditation is connecting your physical electrical frequencies with the frequencies of the earth for balance and centering. Earthing. Meanwhile, your central nervous system is being recharged and relaxed.

What is a grounding cord in the esoteric sense?

Again, visualizing an emotional cord, an attachment between you and the earth... a tree in this meditation.  A cord in other words is an attachment that some people have between themselves and others, places or things.  These cords can be created and broken.

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What Age Should You Start Meditating?

children meditation Mar 31, 2020

Like you, there are many mommies at home with their little ones that have so much energy they don't know what to do!  We are all staying home, working from home and some of you are home schooling when you didn't sign up for that!  It's a lot.

One of my clients asked me at what age should you start meditating?  I said now!  As I mention in the video, I started my girls in the womb.  I used to play Bach and Mozart right next to my belly to let them know it was bedtime for mami.  

Can toddlers meditate? She asked. Yes they can.  You on the other hand need to check in with your expectations and keep the meditation simple.  I show you how in this video.  

How do I teach my child mindfulness?  You can teach your child mindfulness by centering your child in the here and now.  For example, you can take your child to the forest and have a playful conversation between trees and flowers.  I say more about this in the video....

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The Connection Between Your thoughts, Your Mood And Your Immune System

Sunday evening I was sitting on the sofa thinking about the week ahead, is it going to be better this week?  Is it going to worsen?  What is this world coming to?  

This virus is causing trauma as days go by.  Our children haven't experienced uncertainty and insecurity globally as they are today.  They're experiencing extreme fear.

I found myself wondering how can I be of service during this time?  One thing I know how to do is pray and meditate.  

And so the next thought came... I can help others either learn how to meditate, teach them a technique here and there or I can at least hold space for someone.

This week I'm holding live streams on my FB Page (you'll find the link down in the footer) every day at 12 pm EST M - F.


In this video you will learn:

The connection between your thoughts and your immune system

Questions I've been asked:

  1. 1. Know the purpose for your meditation practice
  2. 2. Is meditation good for sleep?
  3. 3. Can...
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How Trauma Accumulate In the Body - Autonomic Nervous System

the limbic system trauma Feb 25, 2020



In this video you will learn,

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Why Your Body Wants to Heal - The Parasympathetic Nervous System


Your body is at work at every moment of every day trying to heal from past and every day stress.  Give it what it needs and you'll live happily ever after together in unison! :) 

In this video you will learn,

  • What is the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic of the autonomic system?
  • What stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system? Hint: Your Breath!
  • How do you activate the parasympathetic nervous system?
  • What part of the nervous system controls anxiety?  Hint:  I covered it in the last video!! 


With more love,



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Your Emotional Center Explained - The Limbic System

the limbic system trauma Feb 25, 2020

In this video you will learn how trauma affects your limbic system.

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